Civilisation 4

CIV 4; 12.4.14

What does one buy on the sides of the streets on May 1st?
– Du Muguet (lilies of the valley)

Where in Africa is Le Maghreb?
– The West

Generally, what is the weather like in France?
– Doux (mild)
What is La Joconde
– A painting (the Mona Lisa)
Which French engineer translated Egyptian hieroglyphics for the first time?
– Champollion
Who is Khaled?
– A famous singer from Maghreb
What is the express train from Paris to London called?
– L’Eurostar
When did France begin to use the Euro?
– 2002
Where was Napoleon defeated?
– At Waterloo (in Belgium)
When does La Fête du Travail take place?
– May 1st
Where did the “Arab Springs” uprising begin?
– La Tunisie
What are Givenchy, Chanel, & Yves St Laurent associated with?
– La Haute Couture
Who is Angelique Kidjo?
– A famous African singer
When were the Acadians forced to leave Canada?
– in 1755
The first Winter Olypics were held in 1924 in which French city?
– Chamonix
What is a popular bande déssinée in France?
– Tintin, Lucky Luke ou Astérix
What woman symbolizes the French Republic?
– Marianne
What is the nickname for the French National Soccer team?
– Les Bleus
Where is the largest Parisian opera located?
– Place de la Bastille
What are you forbidden to wear in public in France?
– Un niquab (a veil that covers the face)


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