Civilisation 3: 11/13

Civ 3; November 13th.

Who is the father of modern chemistry?

  • Lavoisier

Who is the patron saint of France?

  • Jeanne d’Arc

Which general defeated the English at the Battle of Quebec?

  • Montcalm

Who invented the motion picture camera?

  • Les Frères Lumière

What is the national anthem called?

  • La Marseillaise

Who wrote La Marseillaise?

  • Rouget de Lisle

What are the bullet trains called?

  • TGV

Name of August Paris Festival?

  • Paris Plages

What is a popular dish made with eggplants, zucchini, and tomatoes called?

  • Ratatouille

At which stadium do the best tennis players compete at in May?

  • Roland Garros

Which famous female did Marion Cotillard play?

  • Edith Piaf

Where does 70% of French energy come from?

  • Nuclear Plants

What do two friends do to greet each other?

  • Une Bise

What floor are you on when you enter a French building?

  • Le rez-de-chaussée

Which king said, “Une poule au pot tous les dimanches”?

  • Henri IV

Le Musée d’Orsay is in the same building as what?

  • Une Gare (train station)

When do you receive a driver’s license in France?

  • At 18 y/o

At what events did French athletes win the most medals in at the 2012 Olympics?

  • Judo, cycling, + swimming

What is the capital of le Maroc?

  • Alger

What is Jean de la Fontaine most known for?

  • Writing fables

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